Tacos.  Again.  There’s nothing better to eat. And there’s nothing better to do on Tuesdays than to get authentic tacos from real, authentic taquerias.  The C.R.A.P. team invited peeps from PM for the taco hunt this week, and we threw the dice and ended up at La Bamba Taqueria.  I think we ran out of new places, so why not celebrate and hit up the first ever Taco Tuesday taqueria?

La Bamba is not only the song that my middle school band played at every concert, but one of the famous taquerias of the Taq Trifecta in Mountain View.  I’ve had their excellent burritos.  They are larger than life.  If you want to fall asleep at a 2:30pm meeting, have one of these.  It’s guaranteed to work (and has been tested)!

This time I had two tacos.  I was initially a little disappointed to see that my taco lacked grease.  The tortilla was a little dry.  Boo!  A very good friend of mine told me some profound words… “Fat equals taste”.  Sounds crazy, but most of the time it’s true.  His words came to mind when I bit into my dry taco.  Who likes dry tacos!?!  Well….  I thought about this a little bit after lunch.

After contemplating and gathering my deep thoughts, I was glad that it was not greasy.    I’m actually training for a half marathon, so I do have to watch what I eat.  So, you know what?  That taco was great.  It was nice and healthy (when I say healthy I mean healthier than other places that soak the tortilla in carnitas lard).  If you’re in for some good authentic tacos, skip the salad and try out La Bamba!  You know you want it.

Break it down:

Food: 4.5 stars
Price: $
Service: 3 stars
Overall: 3.75 stars

Taqueria La Bamba
2058 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 965-2755







Check out this rad song by the great Ritchie Valens’.


This week’s trip includes a trip to the FIRST taqueria we EVER went to as a Taco Tuesday group—La Bamba! And C.R.A.P. is not going it alone. In an effort to branch out into new areas of friendship through taco-love, C.R.A.P. has been inviting all the fellow departments on a taco trek. First came Marketing, then came Merch, now comes PM and a taco-loving trip (ok, I know that was a lame attempt, but hey, I’m a coder, not a song-writer).

A message to PM:
C.R.A.P. can’t wait to share the taco love with you all!


C.R.A.M.ORE: Chalateco

As Conchita Cornita already mentioned, today was a big day for Taco Tuesdays! Merch joined us for one tasty taco jamboree. In fact, Taco Tuesdays even got its own wiki page to handle all of the orders. The taqueria of choice was Chalateco, a place known for its delicious papusas.

After phoning in the orders, we arrived to the bright orange and yellow haven. With 19 orders (and an extra mystery meal they included for free), we had to put all of the goods in a huge cardboard box to bring back! Enrique served as the taco fairy (Saboroso Santa might be more appropriate for the constant holiday season at Tiny Prints) and spread the Mexican goodness throughout Jellystone.


Because this marks my last Taco Tuesday (I’ll miss you C.R.A.P. and Tiny Prints!), I decided to try something besides my usual chicken tacos. I looked on the menu for the most difficult thing to pronounce—sincronizada de pollo—and decided to order it. From Wikipedia, I found out that sincronizadas are Mexican tortilla-based sandwiches that are similar to quesadillas.

Like a quesadilla, my sincronizada de pollo was filled with cheesy and meaty goodness. However, the tortilla was thicker and tastier than those of typical quesadillas. Despite its cool name, the sincronizada was a pretty familiar, albeit still delicious, dish. I will definitely be on the lookout for it on my future taqueria quests!

Around the Jellystone table, others enjoyed the unique offerings at Chalateco including tripe tacos and pupusas revueltas. There were even sides that looked like coleslaw and came in Ziploc bags and that Kimi said tasted like kimchi. Quite a cultural mix! The overall opinion around the table was that Chalateco was muy delicioso.

Thanks again to everyone for joining us in this awesome Taco Tuesday and to Eduardo (see, you’re a part of the blog!) for treating us to this scrumptious surprise!

823 E El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 969-3026

Food: 3.5 stars
Service: 3 stars- they messed up one of the orders, but gave us an extra one too 🙂
Price: 3 stars
Overall: 3.5

We are so excited to share Taco Tuesdays with the Merchandising team this week! This group of lovely ladies made our taco trip even better. There’s more exciting taco reviews to come. Happy Tuesday!


Super Carne Asada Burrito with Pepsi

Super Carne Asada Burrito with Pepsi

Last week, on an impromptu taco trip that did not take place on a tuesday *gasp*, we had passed by Savor Mexico and saw that it was packed! We noted to try it for the next Taco Tuesday we had; which brings us to this post!

I ordered my usual burrito of choice, the Super (if there’s ever a super or grande option, it is a must) carne asada burrito. This burrito came at a fairly decent size filled with meat, rice, beans sour cream, guac, and cheese. It was pretty good though the meat was pretty typical of a standard hole-in-the wall Mexican joint, but for about $5, the price made up for it.

I always like places that give out free chips 🙂 and upon first glance, they look like the yellow corn chips you buy in the supermarket. When I actually bit into them, they were actually a lot crispier and airy. I usually like to eat the chips with my burrito filling that falls out, so I was pretty happy that the chips didn’t disappoint.

On top of that, they had bottled Pepsi! Of course, I purchased one of my sugar-bottled friends to accompany my burrito meal. I would have to say though that I enjoy Coca Cola more with my Mexican food than the Pepsi. Note to self.

One more additional plus was that Manolo and Danuelito ordered 3 tacos each but both got an extra for an even number of 4 tacos each at no additional cost! hoorah for free tacos!



2595 California St. Ste A
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 917-1306

the breakdown:

food: 3 stars
service: 3 stars – fairly fast for the massive amount of tacos we ordered
price: 3.5 stars
overall: 3 stars

Sorry taco lovers, the train didn’t end up going to a taqueria today — sorry to disappoint. But don’t lose heart, our resolve remains strong to continue our Taco Tuesday tradition next week!

This week was a special treat by the company to bring in some delicious Eye-talian food (according to our resident Italian though, it wasn’t italian, but “italian”). In any case, it was a fairly tasty meal of salad, pizza (several different kinds including pepperoni, bbq chicken and combination), some pasta stuffs and chicken piccata. Check out our non-taco Tuesday pics below

Forrest is Hungry!

Forrest is Hungry!

One of the members of the engineering team looks like he’s been starving for last month…or maybe the food is just that good….or maybe I made him pose like this! 🙂

Our Team Loves to Eat

Our Team Loves to Eat

Sebastian and Raquelita can’t contain themselves, while Manolo and Danuelito look as if they want to be part of this picture… if you look closely, you can see our awesome copy intern, Paulina Pequeña.

Check out the rest of the pics below:

Salad is for Rabbits

Salad is for Rabbits

Paulina Pequeña's plate

Paulina Pequeña's plate

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata

Mario’s Italian Catering:
Overall 3.5 stars
Catering (regardless of the type/style of food) in general is never as fresh or tasty as going to the restaurant, but I’m also not one to turn down a free meal! 🙂

In an unprecedented act of neighborly goodness, C.R.A.P. invited the Marketing team to come along on our taco outing this week. We had so much fun hanging out with them that we decided to re-brand ourselves as C.R.A.M. for the afternoon.

So the C.R.A.M. team rolled up to Taqueria Margaritas armed with dozens of convoluted orders for everything from tacos to burritos to a quesadilla with extra guac, half the chicken, exactly 14 tomatoes worth of pico de gallo and a lightly toasted tortilla.

Okay, maybe they weren’t THAT specific, but we did have a ton of orders with a variety of specifications, and Taqueria Margaritas handled them all beautifully. The service was friendly and speedy, and the TV was blaring a Spanish nature show about whales. All in all, that made for a pleasant 15 minutes.


When we got our food back to taco headquarters, we were pleased to see that we scored an extra quesadilla that we gave to Danuelito since he missed the order train. The food was great—flavorful, fresh and the perfect introduction to the thriving taqueria culture in Mountain View for our Marketing friends.

If you’re in the area, Taqueria Margaritas makes a great stop, but I wouldn’t say it beats Rincon Sabroso or La Bamba as our top pick.  But it might be worth it if you are interested in learning about las ballenas!